Lee's Minn. Boundary Waters

2009 Adventures

The gateway to the Boundary Waters.

Ely here we come.

The cabin.



Yo Ho blow the man down.

Next day...more wind.

I'll do better.

Lee can't top this!

Thank you Lord.

Their getting Longer.

Rip Van Winkle.

Oop's woke up.

Handsome creature.

Sooo peaceful.

Sweet! No competition here.

Waiting at Prairie Portage.

Bob's crew at Prairie Portage.

Crossing the portage.


Follow the leader.


Duane from Babbit.


Renee is Duane's guide.

"Hey maw I'm hungry"

Ely's North American Bear Center.

My eye is bigger.

No! I beat you.

My walleye is bigger.

Ok! Ok! it's bigger.

34 degrees this morning.

Canadian entry point. 

Lightning strike.

Two eagles.

Old 4 Mile Portage.

Bob and new dog.

Pogo and his best pal.

Cold day...Hot fishing!

Ho hum another biggie.

Chunky Largemouth.

Another trophy for Bob.

Tonight's menu.

Breakfast time!

Can't find the cooler!

How sweet it is!

Their Biting today!

Campers ready to depart.

Hefty boy.

One Last Cast.

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