Lee's Minn. Boundary Waters

2010 Adventures

The gateway to the Boundary Waters

Ely here we come

The cabin home sweet home

National Boy Scout camp

Entering the BWCA

Prairie Portage ahead

Prairie Portage at last

Bob Dahl's car wreck

Bob Dahl Survivor/Fisherman

A bloody battle

Back bays best view

Sunken steamer from 1919

Forest Service and U.S. Border Patrol

Score one for Kathy

Another Bear's fan fish

View looking into Canada

Trying to mooch snacks

Clear sky's and biting

Cloudy sky's and biting

Another eye for Borgie

Male Humming Bird

Nice campsite spot

Camper friends from IN.
   Jim & Becky

Canadian Patrol plane

Climbing higher

Trophy eye

The release

Just over 10 lbs

Another view

Storm approaching

After the storm

Low water this year

Hidden memorial on Basswood

Renee's best catch
She's Duane's best catch

Rain stops and walleye start

This is a blast!

Here comes more storms

The end of 3 wks.

Winterized and waiting for 2011


One more fish please!




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