Lee's Minn. Boundary Waters 2013 Adventures

The gateway to the Boundary Waters.


A modest little wooden cabin
Is waiting for me there,
And as I enter into its doors
Away go all my cares...

My heart is filled with memories
That can never be replaced
Although they make me sad at times
I know life's too precious to waste

To fight a fish across the miles
And reel him into view
Or simply float across the stretch
Of endless tranquil blue

To sit upon the pier at night
And gaze at the star-filled sky
That's always bigger and clearer there
It doesn't matter why

A man must have a place to go
Where his mind and soul are free
If he's lucky enough to find that door
Then God will turn the key

Basswood Lakes my secret spot
Its banks run clear and strong
And each time I return to them
I know that I belong

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