Why Hire a Guide ?


Just the fact that your visiting my website means you are at least considering hiring a fishing guide. Well let me tell you the advantages of doing so.

The number one reason for hiring a guide is obvious, you want to catch fish.

You may be visiting Lake Geneva for a day or for a week or two. Either way you want to make the most out of your visit. Hiring a guide is a great way to put the odds in your favor.

Not only is Lake Geneva very large but also the amount of fish holding structure can be over whelming. Fish location is very dependent on time of year, and can change from day to day. Even though fish were active in a spot one-day does not mean they will be there the next. You need options, spot options. My over 20 years Lake Geneva experience will provide that for you.

It may be your first time to the area or you may have fished Lake Geneva several times before. Either way you need to know where and how to catch fish when you’re here.

Very seldom do hot spots continue hot year after year. Your success depends on your knowledge of location and technique at the present time. I fish from 5 to 7 days a week and am in tune to what is going on. I guide on Lake Geneva exclusively, you do not want a weekend hobby guide !

My service is instructional and professional. I am personable and enjoy fishing with fisher people of all ages. My boat is well equipped and I am sure you will enjoy a day on the water with me. You will gain fishing knowledge & information that will last you a life time and have fun learning. I will do my best to make sure your visit or vacation to Lake Geneva is all you wanted it to be.

To book your Lake Geneva adventure

Call 847-593-7592 or E-Mail: leeborgersen@msn.com